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Standing up for yourself.

Last night, I don't think I've ever been more proud of myself. I also am amused that Amy got to see me, for the first time, when I'm in full Mama Bear mode protecting my friends. Basically the story goes that Amy and Emily and I were downstairs drinking - Abs and Jason were too, but they were in Abby's room, or not back from Walmart or something - and we were goofing off, playing around, and yes, being very loud. Well, Molly stormed down the stairs and yelled, yelled at us to be quiet, "for once". Well, needless to say, it sobered us up real fast and it was so startling and painful for us to be treated that way, that Amy cried. Now, those of you who know Chy should know that I really, really don't do well when someone - no matter who that someone is - makes one of my friends cry. And if you do it to my absolute bestie? Well, you'll be lucky if I don't flay you alive.

So, pissed (which is rare), and a little bit tipsy (yay liquid courage!) I made my way upstairs, woke Molly back up and we finally talked. About the past two semesters and how long his has been building, about how we felt, about pretty much everything. And it was really, really good. And I have really, really high hopes for today and the rest of the semester, with at least that relationship, because I feel like things have change


Words. Spellings. Stuff.

First, I know I need to update more. I'm working on that. It's odd, but this semester is my first one ever that's been crazy!homework intense (which is sad, because I'm a senior, but I've always been able to put things off and do them last minute and still keep up my GPA, but this semester i have to do homework ALWAYS to keep up!) so, posting has actually fallen to the wayside a bit.

Anyway. This post is a little rant. About words that are used a lot online and should be MOTHERFUCKING SPELLED RIGHT.

awe/aww: awe means that something inspires you. It boggles your mind. You are in awe! Awww is that you're going for when something made you squishy. I cannot say how many times I've wanted to jump off a high place for reading a review that was "awe, that was so sweet". *facepalm*

your/you're: one is possessive. ONE MEANS YOU ARE. OH MY GOD GET THEM RIGHT. adklakjldas.

Shakespeare: that's his name. Spell it right. Or just go kill yourself.

There are more, but there is also senior sem, which is now. Boo.


'Cause I got sick of people asking.

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Updated 09/28


So hey guys!

Today I got married!!

No really.


I am so excited!


So I'm a pretty collected person most of the time. I'm not a panic-er, and I don't lose my head in stressful situations. I may get irritable during them, but a majority of the time I get the job done. However, there is this strange time right before I go back to school or right before I come home from school where I have this incredible surge of irrational fear. This year I know it stems from the fact that I am very nervous about my senior seminar and all that comes with graduating, but it also has a lot to do with what comes every year. I miss my family when I'm in Indiana, and I miss my friends here and I miss my job and the different things I do in Austin that don't exist in Evansville.

But then tonight I was thinking about it, and I think what I'm really scared of is going back because that means it's going to be closer to me leaving. The rest of this post will be a bit morose, so feel free to skip ahead. But the people I know in college mean the world to me. Amy has become the best friend I could possibly have. Jaci and Emily and Shawn are more than just my friends, they are literally my family. Sara and Sarah and Tim and Laci and Molly and everyone else at DOZ and everyone else in Quidditch and my classes have done so much to define who I am as a person and where my life is headed that I can't imagine college or life without them. It's already going to be hard this year, with all the seniors graduated. I mean, what do I do without Meghan to hassle or Daniel to tell me wonderful bisexual news or walk me home or drunkenly cuddle with me? What will I do without Amy to eat with me or laugh with me or watch horrible movies?

The fact of the matter is that after this year we will all graduate. Some of us will stay in evansville or other parts of indiana and I will move back to texas, or go to africa as this peace corps thing becomes more and more real. And the truth is that we will see eachother less and less. And we will keep up through facebook and email, and I'm sure I will stay very close with some of my friends who I will visit maybe once a year or every couple of years...but it's all going to change and even though that's a semester or a year away, it terrifies me, so the coward that lives under my external boisterous take-on-everything-don't-look-back-chy wants to say fuck it. If I don't go back, things will stay the same. I can disappoint everyone, but I'll never have to see them again.

But of course, I won't. Two weeks from now I will pack up my car and drive fifteen hours back to Indiana with all its love and heartache and learning and drama that will come. I'll work on my senior sem and pass and then face a final semester before I have to make one of the biggest choices in my life. And friends will come and friends will go and maybe there will be that relationship that brewed all last semester, or maybe there won't be, who knows? But the year will come, and as it always does, the year will go, and then we'll walk across that stage and it's going to end a part of my life and start another full of bills and rent and jobs and life. And I'm sure by the end of this year I'll be excited about it, but right now I'm just scared.

Sue me.
JustPlainChy (6:46:54 PM): the enterprise crew: as seen by Joanna McCoy
JustPlainChy (6:51:17 PM): McCoy = Daddy, Jim = Half-hers and Jim. Belongs to Daddy. Is good for hide and seek and tag and getting her way. Sulu = Mr. Sulu. Pirate. Follows around Chekov like a puppy. Good for chess cause he lets her win sometimes. Chekov = Just Chekov. Follows around the Pirate. Makes her do math problems cause they're 'fun'. Good for talking to about boys because he won't tell Daddy or Jim. Uhura = Ms. Nyota. Belongs to Mr. Spock. Doesn't let her get her way, but will help come up with pranks against Jim. Will get her ice cream, sometimes. Spock = Mr. Spock. Vulcan. A little scary, but a big pushover under his very.serious. outside. Belongs to Ms. Nyota. Good for tea parties and chess when she doesn't want to win, but to learn. Has good stories about her Daddy and Jim.
Adorkably Adam (6:53:13 PM): Post. Print. CANON
JustPlainChy (6:55:37 PM): Scotty = Mr. Scotty. Lets her play with a tribble, but he's crazy.

stop the presses!

Goodness, I never thought I'd say it, but I actually really enjoyed the sixth HP movie. I did not expect to! After the third movie crushed all my dreams I haven't enjoyed any of them (I know, I know, that's only three but whatever I had high hopes and every time the movies SUCKED) and I only sorta kinda liked the first two, but this one was just...expertly done. Granted, this all might be because I haven't read the book recently (in like, two years) and I went in with very very little expectations because of the slaughter of my other favorite book (six and three were my favs) but I just thought it was quite enjoyable. Tom Felton absolutely blew me away. His ability to capture the struggle of Draco - this mix between 'I have to, but I don't want to' was so fantastic, and I loved the imagery of the birds and his slow madness caused by the insurmountable task he was faced with. I also loved the humor - I laughed out loud quite a few times during the movie and thought the teenage love bit was quite well done. It made me giggle.

I also wept at the light banishing darkness after Dumbledore died. Fuck. That was so well done, because it could have been SUCH a cliche and turned so cheesy, but they managed to make it work quite, quite well.

Of course, with every movie there were flaws, but I am in too good a mood right now to bitch and moan about what I didn't like. I am interested, however, in what's going to happen to The Wand as there was no mention of the tomb or otherwise. Hmm. Also, I like how we can only really see Harry's scar in ONE shot in the movie XD. That amused me, especially as he points to his almost bare head and goes "THE DAY I GOT THIS!" and the audience is like "got what? a zit? a forehead wrinkle?" ah, amusement.

But yes, overall, I enjoyed it. I might actually have to go see that one again sometime. I mean, no where near as awesome as nu!trek, but hey, I might be biased. Capt. Fine and my boner for Bones - that's all I'm saying.

Perhaps if I am in a sour mood tomorrow I will discuss more of the weaknesses, but for now...good movie. Scratch it off my list - still on: Public Enemies, Transformers, The Proposal and The Hangover. If you are in the austin area and are interested in any of these four, drop me a line!

For wubbins!

A prize for faiththatfuelsu for the amazing success of her smutmeme.

Cause she said she got no!prize, and I deemed it appropriate she get many prizes! :D